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Selfie stick

Photography has gone beyond the traditional style of being a professional photographer as smart phones and other devices that come with excellent camera quality have done a lot to east the task of taking pictures. The internet and social media has made it even more of a compulsion for an average person to know how to take pictures. This has led to the rejuvenation of selfies and subsequent re-emergence of the selfie stick.

The selfie stick can be said to be a photography tool used to position smartphone or cameras in order to take selfie photographs that would have been otherwise difficult if the ordinary arm was to be used. An average selfie stick can be extended, having a handle and a clamp that can be adjusted on the other end of the stick used in holding the photography device in place. While some selfie sticks are equipped with in-built Bluetooth that lets the photographer decide the appropriate time to take the photo, other older models lack this ability. Newer versions of selfie sticks are now being accompanied with a remote for even easier use of the monopod.

While the selfie stick might be perceived by many as a new phenomenon, history has it that this idea has been around for decades as a Minolta camera as far back as 1983, had a convex mirror installed in front of the camera to allow people take shots of themselves. Its packaging also presented a stick mounted on the camera for the purpose of taking “selfies”. Also in 1995, a book titled 101 Un-Useless Japanese Inventions featured a selfie sick made from Japan. The re-emergence however started in 2011 after the tool was introduced in the United States and it took the world by storm in no time. Time’s magazine named it as one of the 25 best inventions of 2014, substantiating the claim of a world takeover.

As mentioned earlier, using the selfie stick is quite simple and the stick only as to be attached the camera or smartphone while the user presses the button on the handle of the stick to take selfie shots. There is always a button too press whether or not the selfie stick is Bluetooth powered.

Even with the popularity and acceptance of the selfie stick, there has been some restriction to its use. Safety and inconvenience are part of the reasons for these bans and restrictions. Concerts, museums, and sports events are some of the public areas that have restricted the use of selfie sticks.