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TOP 10 male celebrities on Instagram

There's nothing truly like a hot gentleman on Instagram, and when it is a VIP fellow, its far better. Prior in the summer, we got energized for the season with a group of the most sweltering shirtless VIP snaps on Instagram, however we need to verify you're getting a consistent stream of hotness for the duration of the year. We've effectively led top to bottom investigations of some of our most loved gentlemen, from Ian Somerhalder's astounding selfies to Zac Efron's steady flawlessness, yet now is the right time to broaden the degree. Continue looking for 40 male VIPs who can give you your everyday measurements of hotness consistently.

Snoop dog
Even however he's confounding between the names Snoop Dog and Snoop Lion, the infamous west drift MC has still possessed the capacity to keep us with his 1,256,182 adherents close, sending love a few times each day.

Harry styles
There may be five of them however there must be One Direction bandmate with the most Instagram adherents! For this situation, it is the Englishman Harry Styles who's generally known for his funniness inside and outside of the gathering. He has 1,373,645 devotees!

Chris cocoa
Throughout 2012, Chris Brown has always juggled his music profession and entrepreneurial ventures with truckloads of tattle from the press and now that Rihanna may be back in his photo, an inquiry emerges, will he impart his previous sweetheart to his 1,416,928 devotees on Instagram?

Rob Kardashian
He may not be as well-known as his relatives, but rather Rob stands his ground on Instagram with near to 1,475,299 million devotees who take in his general humorousness and style with each transferred snap. Presently if he could get closer to his Twitter tally of 3.6 million adherents!

Barrack Obama
Hot on the battle field, Barack Obama is wanting to be re-chosen and a piece of his online networking crusade means engaging his million or more gathering of people on Instagram with motivational quotes, in the background photographs and even appearances with popular VIPs. He has 1,449,560 supporters.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has swag and can sing his heart out in any environment but at the same time he's the supreme, undisputed champion of #selfies. Truly. Bieber was off Twitter for just a couple of months and since his arrival, has made the self-representation Instagram a day by day propensity everybody must enjoy. Bieber has 3,398,324 devotees.

Ricky pointing
One of the top and most favourite Australian cricket player and heart-throb for most teenage girls is following twitter. He seems to often put his coach pictures and other casual photos online and is said to be consistently active.

Bruno mars
One of the most popular pop stars who is busy with his albums and concert recordings is on Instagram. He leaves his followers and fans with updates of what he is up to and what is happening around him.

The rock
The famous WWF man Rock is on Instagram. We have seen many kids and adults who are so crazy and waiting to see him. Now, he has made it easy by putting him on Instagram.

Kevin hargo
Last but not the least, he keeps updating of wherever he goes and travels, his selfies, photos of friends and family, places he visit etc.